SKINCARE - Sunthera3 Sheer Lotion with SPF 50

by - July 11, 2016

Summer is here! And that means a whole lotta sun and outdoor activities! I'm personally working outside this Summer and thankfully I don't have to worry about getting sunburnt with the Sunthera3 Sheer Lotion with SPF 50. Yupp, that's right, SPF 50! This lotion is water/sweat resistant, hypoallergenic, oil free and instantly dries.
 I first tried this on a trip to Canada's Wonderland and applied the Sunthera3 lotion all over my face and body. Typically, sunscreens can be thick and goopy, but this lotion is thin and easy to apply. As it claims, it's not greasy at all and instantly gets absorbed into the skin. It also lasted all day through the blazing heat and water rides and I lasted the day without a single burn, whereas my boyfriend - who refused to use some - was red as a tomato, hehe.

The most surprising thing about this lotion is that it didn't cause any reactions with my skin - more so my face. My skin is quite sensitive and using high SPF moisturizers can easily break my skin out because of the thickness. This lotion was so thin and the sheer layer responded well with my skin. I'll definitely be carrying this around with me all Summer long.

What outdoor activities do you do in the Summer?

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