MAKEUP - Breaking my No-Buy/Low-Buy with a Makeup Haul

by - May 25, 2016

I thought I was succeeding in my no-buy goal for the year, but then remembered that I bought a bunch of NYX liquid lipsticks... And then the L'Oreal Warehouse Sale happened... And then this happened... So I guess I've officially broken the challenge. I have mixed feelings about this because I'm supposed to save, but makeup is my siren. 
On the bright side, everything I snatched in all these goodies at a discount! I'm excited to try my first Bourjois product. After hearing so many good reviews of the Healthy Balance liquid foundation, I decided to try the Healthy Balance Unifying Powder which I got for 30% off using my friend's retail discount. Next up are the Urban Decay lipsticks that are going at 50% off at Sephoras and Shoppers Drug Marts due to their reformulation and packaging. At $13 a pop, I managed to grab:
Catfight - pink-fuschia with slightly red undertones
Shame - deep berry
F Bomb - classic red
All three colours are beautiful, apply smoothly and last quite long. My only issue is with Shame because it can get a bit patchy on the lips. You can notice the patchiness in application on my arm. It's definitely better with a berry gloss on top to even out the colour. For $13 though, I really can't complain!

What's your everyday lipstick colour?

Let's be friends!

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