SKINCARE - LUSH Brazened Honey Face Mask Review

by - July 25, 2016

Although LUSH products are natural and free of preservatives, I think their face masks are the freshest product because they are made in store. Brazened Honey ($7.95) is no exception and is claimed to be their deepest cleansing mask. I was lucky enough to witness this mask be made before my eyes at the LUSH Factory Tour. The eggs and honey in this mask soften the skin, lime oil brightens, spices warm the skin and ground almonds exfoliate. All of this is mixed together with kaolin clay which helps deep clean pores.
This is the second mask I've tried from LUSH, with the first being the Cranberry Festive Face Mask. Brazened Honey is thicker than your typical face mask and can get messy to apply. I found that it clumped together on my skin a lot, making it a bit hard to apply an even layer. Bits would also fall off in the process of applying as well as drying. What I did like about this mask was that it had to remain refrigerated, so it was pleasant for my skin at the end of a hot and sweaty day. The ground almonds were also great for exfoliating and you can feel the spices warming up the skin, providing a tingly sensation. After washing the mask off, my skin would feel dry but not dehydrated - just free of the oils residing on my face prior to the application.

To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of fresh masks because of the short shelf life of two weeks - which goes hand in hand with the absence of preservatives. Not going to lie, I totally used this past it's expiry date - I just can't waste product! If you're an avid user of face masks and can definitely finish a tub within two weeks  or get some help using up the product, I'd definitely give this a try.

What was your first LUSH product?

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