EVENT - Maille Flavour Studio x Taste of Toronto

by - June 24, 2016

I was invited to attend the Maille Flavour Studio at Taste of Toronto (June 23-26). Here, you can sample their many mustards (Dijon, Honey Mustard, Original, etc.) or their gourmet ones (Truffle and Wine, Noix, Blue Cheese, etc.) as well as the option of purchasing these mustards. Mustard Sommelier Harry Lalousis was a guest at Maille and hosted workshops on the hour about different topics such as dips and marinades. 
For a small fee of $2, you could make your own mustard! There were two stations with many ingredients to create your own mustard. There was no recipe for the mustards, just a basic guideline of how to mix them, so it was really fun to try and make our own concoctions. 
 I used the Original mustard as the base and added raspberries, basil, maple syrup and lemon juice. It was definitely interesting and would be better as a salad dressing.
The best thing about the Maille Flavour Studio is the creativity behind all the mustards and recipes. We got to sample the Que ca Maille cocktail, made primarily with mustard, apple juice and vodka. I know, I know, it seems so weird - I mean mustard... in a cocktail?! But my friend and I gave it a go and it tasted SO good! One of the best I've tried and I'm not even a fan of alcohol! If you're interested in checking out this cocktail, it's on the Maille Website here

As for the rest of the Taste of Toronto Event, I would say that it's definitely pricey. It was my first time so I didn't quite know what to expect. The general admission tickets are $20 and every booth and restaurant has menus which you can order food and/or drinks from. The event takes Crowns instead of money, which have an activation fee of $1, and can be reloaded throughout the day at the Crown banks inside the event. There were many more booths than restaurants, mainly breweries and vineyards. Listed below are the food menus which start at 6 Crowns ($6).

My friend and I were a bit low on money (student life - sigh) so we stuck to affordable eats. We visited: 

Kinka - Takoyaki $6
Fried octopus dough balls with mayo, teriyaki sauce and bonito flakes.
The Drake - True North Salmon Fried Rice $6 
Fried rice with XO sauce, bits of salmon and topped with roe placed on two lettuce leafs.
Piano Piano - Veal Parmesan Sangouche $10
Veal parmesan sandwich with hot peppers and onions.

All three dishes were delicious and filling. We washed them all down with complimentary drinks from Metro (lemonade & watermelon juice) and Nespresso (coffee, lattes or cappuccinos).
All in all, the Maille Flavour Studio was definitely a great experience. I'm glad to have experienced Taste of Toronto this year, but would be hesitant to come back just because the costs do add up.

Have you attended any food events in Toronto this Summer?

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