FRAGRANCE - Thierry Mugler's Angel Eau Sucree

by - June 03, 2016

Thierry Mugler’s Angel Eau Sucree (1.7 fl oz / $78) comes in a gorgeous blue star shaped bottle with textured points. This scent is supposed to be the sweeter version of the original Angel fragrance. It has notes of red berry sorbet, caramelized meringue, patchouli, and vanilla. 
Although the description and notes of the fragrances sound very sweet, the fragrance itself is actually pretty musky. I’m not sure if it’s the patchouli because I’ve never smelled patchouli before, but it has a very strong earthy scent with notes of vanilla and berry. I think patchouli is an acquired scent, because quite frankly this just reminds me of prescription cough syrup I had to take as a kid. I read that the scent gets better with wear, but it’s been about an hour and I dislike it a little less than when I first sprayed it – but I still really, really dislike it. If you’re a fan of Thierry Mugler’s Angel than go for it, otherwise I would steer clear of this one.

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