FRAGRANCE - Calvin Klein's CK2

by - June 17, 2016

Working in retail, I’m constantly complimenting customers on their fragrances (and trying my hardest to do so in a non-creepy way). One time a female customer told me she was actually wearing a cologne and shocked both me and the male customer behind her. I swear we were both like WHAT?! No way! What’s it called?! (Of course I totally forgot what it was...) But it really made me realize, who cares if what I like is labeled a perfume or cologne? If it smells good, wear it!

Enter Calvin Klein’s CK2 (3.4 fl oz / $67), a gender-neutral fragrance that comes in a unique spheroid bottle that rests upside down on a square stand. The fragrance has notes of wasabi, mandarin orange, violet leaf, orris root, rose, vetiver, sandalwood and incense. Upon first spray, the scent is really fruity and sweet. After a couple minutes, the scent becomes more woody and musky as the sandalwood and incense becomes the more dominant scent.

I’m personally not into woody and musky scents but I love it on guys. I find that a lot of men’s colognes are actually too woody and musky – like “IN YOUR FACE” woody and musky, so it’s really difficult to find a scent for my boyfriend that I enjoy too. CK2 isn’t too strong and has sweet undertones – totally giving this to my boyfriend! I definitely recommend this as I find myself constantly sniffing my arm throughout this review. I think this would be especially good for couples with similar scent preferences to share.

What are your thoughts on gender neutral scents?

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