MAKEUP - Tarte's Park Ave Princess Palette

by - September 28, 2015

A couple weeks ago, I managed to snag Tarte's ParkAve Princess Palette from Sephora for $31! (Among other things I will be reviewing soon, yay!). I'm finally hopping on the contouring bandwagon and thought this would be a great place and palette to start with.
Tarte Park Ave Princess Contour Palette
The palette comes with:
Park Ave Princess - a matte, milk chocolate brown bronzer
Posh - a matte, dusty rose blush
Champagne Gold - a shimmery highlighter

To be honest, I always thought contouring wouldn't work with me because I have a round face. My cheekbones are totally nonexistent, but one member of the Canadian Beauty Bloggers network recommended watching Jaclyn Hill's contouring video and I will never be the same. Don't get me wrong, I still don't have visible cheekbones, but I know where to contour/bronze my face a bit better.
Tarte Park Ave Princess Contour Palette swatch
Tarte Park Ave Princess Contour Palette swatch
 I was worried that Park Ave Princess would be too light for my NC 20/25 skin tone, but found it to match perfectly. It's less of a bronzer and more of a contour for my skin, and I love that it's a matte light brown - no shimmers or oranges here!
Posh isn't very pigmented, but I prefer that because I sometimes have a heavy hand when applying blush.
Champagne Gold is beautiful and shimmery - but not sparkly. I like using this in the inner corner or as an eye shadow.

I would definitely recommend this palette if you have a light to light/medium skin tone, Any darker and the products might not show too well. I hope they're working on more palettes for different skin tones!

How did you learn how to contour or bronze?

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