FRAGRANCE - Demeter's Mr.Bubble #CBBScentMemory

by - September 04, 2015

I don't know about you, but I loved bubble baths as a kid - actually, I still love them.
Growing up, my mom worked until midnight, so I only saw her in the morning before kindergarten. She told me once that one of the other parents would give her a funny look because every time she dropped me off at school, I would say "Bye Mom, see you tomorrow!".
Once in a while, I would sneak into the living room and watch TV until my mom came home. Instead of scolding me for staying up so late, she would prepare a nice and warm bubble bath for the both of us - and of course she used Mr.Bubble. It was the only time she really spent with me since she had such a difficult work schedule, but it became a tradition for a short while.

Demeter's Mr.Bubble (1 oz $20 / 4 oz $39.50) perfectly captures the sweet and soapy smell of the classic Mr.Bubble. It has notes of coconut, banana and peach, with a floral center of jasmine and rose, and a balsamic vanilla and powdery raspberry base. 

When first sprayed, the soapy smell is very noticeable, but after a couple minutes, it becomes a sweet and floral scent. I really like that the scent is light and subtle, and it really does smell like Mr. Bubble. It's definitely a must have for Mr. Bubble fans that want to relive memories on the go.

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*Product was provided for review thanks to CBB and Demeter Fragrance

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