BEAUTY BOX - June Glymm Box

by - June 13, 2012

Check out what I got in my June Glymm below.
Eco Beauty | Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover
Full size: 18 pads ($9.99)
Sample: 2 pads ($1.11)

 Clark's Botanicals | Intense Radiance Mask
Full size: 50 ml ($72)
Sample: approx 10 ml ($14.40)
Salvador Dali | ItIsDream
Full size: 60 ml ($54)
Sample: approx 2 ml ($1.80)
Vitamine & Sea | Perfect Skin Solution
Full size: 45 ml ($68)
 Sample: approx 1.5 ml ($2.27)

Belvada | Duo Lipstick Harmony (Balm / Intense Red)
Full size: 3.4 g ($20)

Total Glymm Box worth: $39.58

I was excited to receive my Glymm bag today and was wondering if it would be another pink bag, but this month it's a royal blue! I definitely like the idea of receiving bags instead of hefty boxes. Also, this month Glymm went green by listing the products received online as opposed to the usual information cards. My favourite product in this month's bag is definitely the duo lipstick, I think it's such a cute little idea and the packaging is nice too, I just wish I got a soft pink instead of intense red :(. Least favourite would probably be the nail remover pads because I find acetone free nail removers aren't very effective and pads are quite expensive compared to liquid nail polish remover. Also the perfume doesn't smell nice to me because I'm more into fruity scents while the ItIsDream is a musky floral scent.

If you haven't subscribed and would like to, check it out here!

Do you think the duo lipstick is a cool idea? Let me know in the comments below! :)

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