REVIEW - Beyond the Rack

by - June 10, 2012

Recently I purchased these gorgeous pair of nude heels from Beyond the Rack and was skeptical at first because when I googled reviews on this website, there were many people saying that Beyond the Rack was a scam. I decided to purchase the heels because they were pretty cheap ($20 plus taxes & $11.95 shipping) compared to retail stores in Toronto that sell nude heels for $50-$70. I was very concerned about my size because I'm in between a 6.5-7, which is a big problem for me because I can't wear tight shoes such as heels and flats from stores like Spring / Aldo when a 6.5 is too tight and a 7 is too loose. For these heels, I decided to order a 7 because I figured that loose heels were better than tight heels and that maybe one day my foot will magically grow that quarter inch to make it a perfect size 7.

Fast forward 2-3 weeks and I received a giant box from the mail and it was my shoes! I totally forgot about my order and really wasn't expecting it to come based on other reviews, but it did! Shipping was faster than I expected as well. As for the fit of the shoes, they were PERFECT! I've only been able to buy heels that properly fit from Payless so you can just imagine my goofy smile when I put on these shoes, knowing that my weird feet can wear shoes from this site! What surprised me the most was that a week or two after I received my shipment, Beyond the Rack actually called to confirm that I received my shipment and to ask if there were any issues with the product. This was the best online customer service I have ever received and was glad I made the order instead of listening to other online reviews about this site. I will definitely continue to purchase from Beyond the Rack.

If you're interested in signing up and purchasing from Beyond the Rack, click here!

Thank you for reading! Let me know if you've purchased from Beyond the Rack before :)

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