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by - August 29, 2016

This end of Summer break is near, and I thought it would be a great idea to share my favourite Quo products that I’ve been using this Summer!
First up is the Summer 2016 Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette in Sea Sun Sand ($18). 
This palette is a gorgeous neutral and compact palette – great for everyday and on the go wear. Most of the shades are matte, with a slight shimmer to three dark brown colours. The darker eyeshadows are quite pigmented, but I find the lighter matte shades to be a bit chalky – but that tends to be the case with lighter matte shades. 
The eyeshadows are super easy to blend though and have a slightly buttery texture, which adheres better to my eyelids – especially in the hot Summer heat.
Next up are eyebrow products: the Brow Wow and the Precision Brow Pencil, both in the colour Brunette. I really like these products for the summer because I tend to wear lighter makeup in the Summer so I define my eyebrows a bit more. The great thing about these brow products is that they are not limited edition – brows all year round!
The Precision Brow Pencil is similar to ABH’s brow Wiz. The pencil is super thin and not too pigmented, allowing light, thin and feathery strokes. To be honest, I prefer eyebrow pencils that aren’t so pigmented because it allows more room for error and it’s buildable. The other end contains a thin spoolie which is great for brushing the eyebrow hairs and blending the pencil. 
The Brow Wow is a unique concept – it’s a brow powder that comes in a tube and has a sponge tip applicator. At first I thought it would be similar to eyeliner because of the packaging, but the powder is completely dry and applies like eyeshadow. This needs to be applied with a light hand because it’s SO pigmented! I wouldn’t use this by itself, but use the Precision Brow Pencil to outline and shape my eyebrows and use the Brow Wow to fill in the sparse areas.

What are some of your Summer favourites? (It doesn't have to be make-up!)

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