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by - August 19, 2016

I am a huge fan of Korean food, but one dish that hasn't quite won my heart yet is bibimbap. Bibimbap is literally translated to "mixed rice", and is usually served in a hot stone bowl with various veggies, a sunny side egg and gochujang (a Korean hot sauce). Enter Bi Bim Bap, a restaurant that adds a twist to this Korean staple. Bi Bim Bap provides various Korean dishes and allows diners to choose what goes on their bibimbap (egg, beef, chicken, spicy chicken, tofu or mushroom) as well as the rice (white or brown). 
Every meal comes starts off with a small plate of kimchi, pickled daikon and carrots as well as a bowl of miso soup. To start, I always get the Kim Chi Fries: julienned fries topped with kimchi, Korean BBQ sauce, sesame mayo and green onions.
Next up is my favourite: the Beef Bibimbap, which comes withradish, spinach, bean sprouts, carrots, cucumber, burdock, cabbage, zucchini,  dried seaweed, sesame seeds topped with thin marinated slices of beef. I always add soy garlic sauce and a bit of original gochujang to my bowl for a little sweet heat, before mixing it up. The hot stone bowl keeps everything piping and helps to cook and bring everything together. I like to press the contents onto the sides of the bowl to keep it hot and to crisp up the rice.
The meal then ends with a refreshing cold cinnamon drink which is topped with a single pine nut. This drink is like heaven because it cools down the tongue - whether it be from the heat, the spice, or both!
If you live in Toronto, I definitely recommend checking this place out - it's definitely one of my go-to places for a hearty meal. Bon appetit!
950 Eglinton Avenue W
Toronto, ON M6C 2C3
(Main Intersection: Eglinton and Bathurst)

What's your favourite Korean dish? 

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