EVENT - Veggielicious 2016

by - May 11, 2016

The Toronto Vegetarian Association is kicking off the fifth year of Veggielicious! Veggielicious is a two-week celebration of vegetarian and vegan cuisine. From May 6-22, over 40 restaurants across the GTA will be featuring vegetarian and vegan prix-fixe menus and deals. I was invited to the kick-off party that showcased some participating restaurants in Veggielicious this year.
First up is Kupfert and Kim, a vegan quick-service restaurant with 6 locaions across Toronto.

 First Canadian Place 
First Canadian Place
 Attendees got to choose a sample of their two best sellers: Oxaca and First Canadian Place. Oxaca is basically a vegan burrito bowl, so I decided to choose something different and got First Canadian Place. I've never tried tempeh before and I'm not yet sold, but the rest of the dish was delish! I now understand the hype with Kupfert and Kim because they make a pretty darn good vegan meal! 
Tabule is a Lebanese restaurant with 2 locations in Toronto, offering vegetarian dishes.
 Attendees got to try their homemade dishes: Falafel, Rice Pudding, and Hummus & Babaganuj. I really enjoyed all three dishes and it's hard to pick a favourite, but I really liked the rice pudding because I believe it's either vegan or gluten free (I'm forget which one).Falafel, rice pudding, hummus, babaganuj
 Fabarnak is located on Church Street and also offers catering.
squash risotto, falafel
Attendees got to sample Squash Risotto and Falafel on a Pita. I've never tried Squash Risotto, because vegetables, but I was pleasantly surprised but think it would have been better with a bit of cheese. The Falafel was okay, but Tabule's was much better.
Squash Risotto, falafel
Saving the best for last - Sweets from the Earth, a vegan bakery with both gluten free and nut free options. Sweets from the Earth had an amazing display of some of the desserts they make. My friend and I tried the Sour Cream Coffee Cake Muffin and Apple Crumble Pie Square, both of which are nut free. I also took home a S'mores Cookie and it beat the other two by far! Curious about the marshmallows, the rep said they make their own vegan marshmallows in house! (Or factory I guess).
coffee cake, apple crumble
Beau's was there as well, sampling their many craft beers as the Beer Partner for Veggielicious. I'm not a fan of beer, but through my professional experience, I guess, the guys at Beau's are honestly so nice and down to earth. It's great to see local Canadian breweries become successful in the industry. 
Not pictures is Foodoora who is the Delivery Partner of Veggielicious, delivering meals on bikes to help save the environment. If you haven't tried to order from Foodora yet, use the coupon code: CANEVVB5Cs to get $10 off your first order (until 07/31/2016).

Honestly, I don't think vegetarian/vegan life is for me because I really don't like vegetables, but I really liked everything I tried here. I also don't think I've consciously tried vegetarian or vegan food, but after this experience I'm definitely more open to it. I love that Toronto is such a diverse city that has so many dietary options available for those who are vegetarian/vegan.

Are you a vegetarian or vegan? Have any vegetarian or vegan restaurant suggestions within the GTA?

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