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by - May 13, 2016

I was invited to a LUSH factory tour and of course I said HELL YES! The factory tour was held at the Etobicoke site where I joined fellow bloggers Zubie (Living The Grey), Vanessa (The Brunette Salad), and Alyssa and Johanna (Random Acts of Pastel). Here, we got a peek of all the magic that happens behind these amazing products and make some of our own to take home! I'm going to start off with the products we got to take home because some of these goodies are new! (New products will be marked with a *.)
Brazened Honey (Fresh Face Mask)
Brazened Honey is so fresh that it's only sold in stores! It smells of pollen and provides a tingly feel to the skin before exfoliation with ground almonds.
Sunrise comes in with an orange punch at first but then fades to a floral scent.
Avobath (Bath Bomb)
Avobath smells strongly of lemongrass and contains real avocado! I know what you're thinking - how on earth does avocado go into a bath bomb? Magic my friend.
This bubble bar smells like the foamy top of a cream soda - I know it sounds weird but you'll have to judge it yourself!
Yummy Mummy LE (Shower Cream)
This limited edition shower cream has a  light citrus and floral scent. It smells really familiar but I just can't quite put my finger on it.
Rose Jam Bubbleroon (Bubble Bar)
This bubbleroon is so cute and sparkly and has a rose scent.
Ladybug* (Bubble Bar)
This smells really similar to Creamy Candy Bar but with mint. I think they're just all starting to smell the same...
Lava Lamp* (Bath Bomb)
Lava Lamp has a sweet citrus smell. Originally only sold at the Oxford location, it's now coming to a store near you!
Yuzu and Cocoa (Bubble Bar)
We shaped these and took them home without the cocoa inner filling, so for me it just smells like oranges hehe.
This smells like berries and elderflower.
My favourite of the bunch! It smells mint white chocolate! *drool*
Outback Mate has eucalyptus which provides a minty herbal smell. My nose kind of got clogged smelling all these (TMI - sorry!) but this just cleared the path!
I'm not a fan of certain lavender smells, but this one is sweet and subtle. I like!
Made with real fruit juice, Layer Cake smells and looks like LifeSavers.

Onto the factory tour! We first started off in the bath bomb section and got to help make our own Avobath bath bombs! These were the ingredients that went into our bath bombs along with sodium bicarbonate.

Our tub of Avobath before molding. This was the smallest amount they could make for one batch - regular batch is like 10 times the size!

Because we're such pros (or they were just being nice), we got to mold Lava Lamp bath bombs, which will be a new release :).
 Crates upon crates of bath bombs! I asked a compounder how much she makes a day she said it's dependant on the daily goal. Her goal for that day was 28 crates!
 Here, Jared was showing us the swirling technique to create Outback Mate.
 A display of all the new soaps in their full size.
This Charity Pot corner is in the lunch room. I really like that LUSH keeps track of it and encourages employees to follow along. 
Starting to make our Brazened Honey mask. It's one of the masks with the most ingredients!
Compounders shaping Brightside bubble bars.
Finished trays of Rose Jam Bubbleroons.
The LUSH factory tour was super fun! I swear LUSH always hosts the best events. I love that we got to make our own products. There was quite a bit of the tour that I didn't cover, but it was a fun filled day. My nose was suffering a little bit at the end because the smell gets overwhelming when you're not used to it. Can't wait for the next LUSH event!

What was your latest LUSH purchase? Mine was the Massage Bar tin and the Body Butter tin for travelling!

Let's be friends!

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