BEAUTY BOX - Avalai Unboxing + Coupon Code

by - October 29, 2015

Avalai is a Canadian monthly subscription box made to help women with TOM (time of month). These boxes are $19.99 a month (with $3 shipping across Canada) and are packed with essentials as well as chocolate, tea, bath and body products and other treats. The best part is that these boxes are customizable to your preferences and any food allergies you may have. 

Onto the box! 
I'm a pads kind of girl, so that's what I picked for my preference.
 The box contained a bag full of pads (I think these are Kotex?) - 24 in total with 12 regular with wings, 8 regular without wings and 4 overnight with wings. I think there's more than enough pads included to last a month.

As for the goodies, I received: 
6 tea bags by Higgins & Burke, 2 each of Peppermint, Green Tea, and Chamomile/Peppermint/Lemongrass
1 Cadbury Premium Dark Chocolate Bar
1 bag of Twice Baked Pretzel Sticks in Garlic Herb by Pretzel Perfection
1 box of Jelly Belly's Cocktail Classics
1 Jasmine Rice Soap Bar by O'Canada Soapworks
1 Avalai Essentials Travel Bag

I'm really impressed with the contents of the bag, I think it addresses some issues that women have during their TOM. What I like the most is the travel bag included - it looks like a wallet and has individual slots for 3 tampons and a pad pocket that can hold up to 3 pads,  which is folded and secured with a velcro flap. 

I love the idea of this subscription box, I mean, it's something you need once a month and this just makes it super convenient. One less thing to worry about for the month! Plus, if you're anything like me, you totally forget about it until it comes at which point you pray and hope you still have some pads or tampons left. 
Real story: This recently happened the week of TIFF and had to buy a pack of pads at Shoppers. The worst part was, I was totally expecting it but I just ran out of pads at home and was going to buy some after TIFF, but nature couldn't wait. Sorry, TMI, I know, I know.

If you are interested in trying out Avalai, use code JUSTFORYOU to receive 20% off your first box! (From now until November 8th)

Are you the type to forget about TOM until it comes around? *Hoping it's just not me!*

Let's be friends!

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