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by - October 26, 2015

I finally got a chance this month to test out Color Oops and Splat in Lusty Lavender! I'm familiar with Splat because I often pass by their product line in Shoppers Drug Mart, but this was my first time hearing of Color Oops.  
Just a note: although this isn't recommended, I did this whole dye job on the same day, I just changed my shirt throughout the process.

Color Oops is a hair colour remover that honestly works wonders. I always thought that hair colour removers basically bleached the colour out of your hair, but this is the first hair colour remover that doesn't have bleach.
This is my hair before and after using Color Oops. My hair was previously bleached and a brown-ish purple colour, faded from Vidal Sassoon's London Lilac hair dye. As you can see, Color Oops did a great job in removing the colour - which was a permanent dye! My only complaint about Color Oops is the smell. It smells really bad and the formula is quite watery, so it dripped onto my shirt and my shirt still carries a bit of the smell.

Next step was to try out Splat, which comes with bleach, peroxide and the temporary hair colour. I'm no stranger to bleaching my hair, but this bleach was a bit different. It was a lot more liquid than regular bleach, which I thought was going to be an issue because I wanted to blend my bleached tips with a bit of highlighting. It turns out that it's a whole lot easier to do this, especially with the squeeze bottle provided. 
After I finished bleaching my hair, I put the purple colour on my hair. A couple comments on my Instagram warned me about leaving the colour in too little and too long. Too little would result in a pink colour while too long would be closer to a black. I tried my best to time it correctly, but my hair ended up an orange-y fuchsia pink - which didn't look bad, but was not what I was aiming for. 
Just a warning though, this stuff takes FOREVER to wash out. I think I was rinsing my hair in the shower for a good half hour. Oh and it also bleeds from washing, so no whites right after the shower.

When curled, my hair looked a lot better as it faded from black, brown, orange to pink - earning me the nickname "My Little Pony" for a short while. 
True to it's name, the colour was only temporary. After a week, you can see the difference in colour pigmentation as it went from a fuchsia pink to a cotton candy pink. The week after, the colour was almost completely out, with just a hint of pink to my orange hair. I wish the colour stayed longer, but at the same time, I hate the slight chance of my hair bleeding into my clothes or my towel.

I think Color Oops and Splat are both great products - Color Oops for its amazing ability to remove hair colour without damaging your hair, and Splat for their super easy to use bleach. The best part is that they're super easy to find and are available at select Jean Coutu, London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Mart, Pharmasave, Walmart, IDA, Guardian, Familiprix, Lawtons Drugs, Save On, Value Drug Mart, Peoples Drug Mart and of course online at Farley Co

Have you dyed your hair? What was the funkiest colour you had?

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