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by - October 07, 2015

Oil pulling has been around for a very long time, but has now gained popularity. Oil pulling is basically when you swish coconut oil in your mouth, which traps things such as bacteria or tiny food particles stuck between your teeth and gums, and you just spit it out. It helps whiten and clean your teeth. Not only is it all natural, but it doesn't damage your teeth like mouthwash does, so it's a great alternative. 

BUT, Coconut oil comes in a jar and melts at low temperatures, making it a bit messy to scoop some out to oil pull. Also, solid coconut oil is NOT fun to chew and melt, I've tried it and it's like chewing butter - blech!
PerlaCoco has reinvented oil pulling by making it super easy and convenient to do. PerlaCoco makes mint flavoured oil pulling packets to use daily. These tiny packets contain the perfect amount of coconut oil with a subtle mint flavour. I love these packets because they are super convenient - there's literally no excuse to not clean your teeth. Plus, if the oil does solidify, you can warm them up in your hands.

The recommended use for these oil pulling packets are once daily, for best results in the morning before brushing your teeth. Personally, I like to sleep in so I use these at night because you have to swish them in your mouth for 5 to 15 minutes, which gives me time to get my face ready and relax a little before bed.
Here is my before and after. Although the lighting wasn't the same, you can tell there is a difference in the colour of my teeth - and this was only after a week and a half of oil pulling! After trying PerlaCoco out, I really would recommend it for those who are looking for a more natural way to whiten their teeth - or if they're sensitive to mouthwash like I am (it burns!). 

PerlaCoco offers three plans for purchase - 2 weeks ($24.75 USD), 4 weeks ($39.50 USD) and 6 weeks ($52 USD), and ships across North America. 

How do you keep your teeth white?

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