SKINCARE - AcneFree Oil-Free Acne Cleanser Review

by - June 24, 2015

I recently received AcneFree’s Oil-Free Acne Cleanser ($11.97) courtesy of Chick Advisor.
 A little background on my acne:
I’ve always struggled with acne since I was in Grade 5 and it’s been an ongoing battle. With many visits to the dermatologist and numerous prescriptions, I’ve tried just about everything – from ointments to pills. At some point I gave up and let nature do its thing, praying that it was just “teenager” acne, and for the most part it was. A LOT of the products I experimented with left my skin really dry, one even peeled my skin off and the doctor recommended using SPF moisturizers every day (which is totally normal now, but in Grade 8, it was like extra homework). I still suffer from mild acne and sometimes will lay off foundation to prevent break outs.
AcneFree Oil-Free Acne Cleanser is a benzoyl peroxide lotion with hydrating ceramides. I was confused at first whether it was a cleanser or lotion, but after reading the directions it definitely is a cleaner. It’s a mild, gentle and unscented cleanser that lathers pretty well. It leaves my skin feeling soft and clean, WITHOUT feeling dry. I can literally wash my face with this and not apply moisturizer and my skin would be fine. Okay you got me, I’ve done it a couple times already.

Regarding its effectiveness, I would say it’s pretty darn effective. My skin improved in just a couple days of using this wash, changing nothing else in my skin care routine. As noted above, a couple days of wearing foundation will break me out, but I wore foundation for just about a week and I didn’t have any major breakouts like I usually did. I recently went on a trip to California and either the atmosphere or the water there completely ruined my skin – I’m not even kidding, my skin was so dry and I had so many breakouts, especially around my chin. I used this cleanser when I got back and I believe it helped in restoring my skin.
I would definitely recommend this cleanser if you have acne prone and sensitive skin. The one thing I would change about it is the squeeze dispenser, I wish it had a pump dispenser instead.

What's your current cleanser? How do you like it?

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