EVENT - World Mastercard Fashion Week ft. Lole x Farley Chatto

by - March 30, 2015

Thanks to Neostrata and their new partnership, I was able to attend the Lole fashion show at the World Mastercard Fashion Week in Toronto. Lole is a Canadian brand that started up in Montreal and focuses on activewear for women.  It was a little hectic but my guests and I sat in the front row, score! This resulted in photos below taken my yours truly. If you want to check out the outfits at this year's Lole show, keep scrolling.

What I enjoyed most from this fashion show was that it started off with 3 models on the platforms doing some yoga poses. It was allowed attendees to realize the sporty background of the brand before the show started. I also love that the clothing modeled is completely wearable for the average day to day look.

I also attended the Farley Chatto show thanks to their amazing PR. Unfortunately, the lighting at the Farley Chatto show did not mesh well with my camera and it resulted in whited out photos. Sadface. Maybe next year!

*If you would like to use any of these photos, please ask first/give credit :)*
Which outfit was your favourite? And did you attend any fashion shows this year?

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