BEAUTY BOX - January Topbox

by - January 14, 2013

Topbox recently announced that they will create boxes specific to certain brands, I'm not sure if this will be for all their boxes or just some. January is spotlighting Clinique., so here's what I got in the January Clinique Topbox :)

Clarifying Lotion
Full Size: 400 ml ($27)
Sample: 30 ml ($2.03)
Color Surge eye Shadow Duo (Strawberry Fudge)
Full Size: 2.5 g ($25)
Sample:  1.6 g ($16)
Rinse off Makeup Solvent
Full Size: 125 ml ($25)
Sample: 60 ml ($12)

Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector
Full Size: 50 ml ($93)
Sample: 7 ml ($1.30)

Total Value: $31.33

I really liked this month's Topbox. Clinique is a good brand but I've never been a fan of their prices so this was a good opportunity for me to try out their products. The sample sizes were good, not too small compared to their past samples. I love the eye shadow duo as well as the clarifying lotion. I'm excited to try the dark spot corrector since I have a LOT of acne scarring. Great box Topbox!

Click here to check out the 4 boxes that Topbox will be giving out in February! Which one will/would you choose?

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