BEAUTY BOX - December Glymm Bag

by - January 07, 2013

Check out this month's Glymm below :)
 Lashem | False Eyelashes
Full size: $5.00 a pair
Glamorous | Long Stay Lipstick (Pinky Promise)
Full size: 1.5g ($8.00)
Suncoat | Nail Polish
Full size: $9.99 each
Lashem | Eyelash & Brow Enhancing Serum
Full size: 4.2 ml ($70.00)
Sample: approx 0.5 ml ($8.33)

Total Glymm Box worth: $31.32

This bag was super disappointing. The only product I would use from this bag is the lipstick but when I opened it up, it smelled HORRIBLE! I'd never put that product on my lips. Drugstore lipsticks have a smell too but they never bothered me because it smelled like makeup, but this smells really bad.

Glymm has just gone downhill to me. Their customer service is horrendous. I meant to subscribe only for the month of December but got charged for January too because they didn't receive my cancellation email in time. I emailed them about 10 times before I got a response because the emails kept bouncing back due to high volumes (sketchy much?), then they sent a reply asking if I wanted to stay for an extra month if they added a bonus product and to email them back, so another 3 emails sent and it was finally cancelled!

Do you like Glymm compared to other beauty boxes / bags?

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