BEAUTY BOX - Winter Luxe Box

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Here's what I got in the Winter LuxeBox :)

Donna Karan | Woman
Full Size: 3.4 oz ($115)
Sample: 0.24 oz ($8.12)
Schwarzkopf | Osis+ Dust It Mattifying Powder
Full Size: 10 g ($20)
Kerastase | Cristalliste
Full Size: 50 ml ($42.00)
Sample: 3 ml ($2.50)
B.Kamins | Lip Balm
 Size: 0.53 oz ($19)
Sample: 0.13 oz ($4.66)
B.Kamins | Eye Cream
Full Size: 0.5 oz ($60)
Sample: 0.21 oz ($25.20)
Loose Button | Faux Eye Lashes
Full Size: approx $5 a pair
Loose Button | Kabuki Brush
Full Size: approx $10 each
Elizabeth Grant | Biocollasis Complex Dark Circle Treatment
Full Size: 0.5 oz ($29.99)

BONUS: 6 month subscription to FLARE

Total Value: $112.47

I feel like I miscalculated the cost of the box because it's way too high! Let me know if I did. I didn't quite like this box because a lot of the products are ones I wouldn't use. I got 2 eye care products for dark circles and bags but I don't have an issue with that. My favourite product in this box is the kabuki brush because I've been meaning to get another one but keep forgetting, so yay for brushes! I also liked the 6 month subscription to Flare. I actually didn't know until now so when I got the Flare magazine this month I thought I had won it somehow :P. What do you think of the magazine subscription?

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  1. Looks like this month's box is so-so. but magazine subscriptions make it pretty good :) xx fun size beauty

  2. Wow, your box is soo different from mine! Lucky you got a subscription to Flare though!

  3. I love osis dust it, although the same company makes a drugstore brand got2b and they have a similar product for $3!

    Post like these always make me wanna subscribe to boxes like these!
    <3, Mel

  4. Ah no wonder the brand sounded so familiar! I def have to check out the drugstore dry shampoo :) Thanks!

  5. What the heck...everyone is getting subs to Flare and I didn't. :/ Oh well. ugh. I wonder why you received two luxe box branded items? I didn't see the luxe lashes in any other box!

  6. My favourite product would probably also be the kabuki brush :) Enjoy trying out all the products, especially the skin care!

  7. This box seems pretty nice! I was thinking of subscribing to this box service.. maybe i will now!

    I follow you now!

  8. Aleksandra: If I could give you my subscription I would, sorry :(. I didn't know no one else got the lashes, I think I'd rather get another item then those tbh.

    Sleepandwater: Thanks! I LOVE the kabuki brush! It's super soft and durable!

    Mindy: Yeah it is nice, but it can be a hit and miss somethimes. And thanks for the follow! ;)