MAKEUP - Wet n Wild On Edge Longwearing Eye Pencil

by - March 29, 2016

Wet n Wild's New On Edge Longwearing Eye Pencils are basically a gel liner but in a pencil form. Like most of Wet n Wild products, these eye pencils are cruelty free and come in six different shades:
You're the Yin
Wooden You Know
Violet Offender
Shock Therapy
Sapphire and Ice
To My Yang
The eye pencils are super pigmented and creamy. I don't think they live up to their longwearing name, but they still last a couple hours before smudging. One good thing about the eye pencils is that if they do smudge, it doesn't take much to get it off as they are not waterproof. If smudged/smokey makeup is the look you're going for then I would definitely recommend these because they smudge beautifully due to their creamy texture.
However, their creamy texture can be kind of annoying. during my second use of the black pencil, the tip of the gel liner broke off, leaving a stub of wood. I didn't have an eye pencil sharpener handy so I had to finish the rest of my eyeliner with another pencil liner. Actually, I still haven't sharpened the liner because that situation alone deters me from wanting to use it again - it would definitely be easier if these were twist up liners.
If you don't mind the extra care for these liners, I would definitely check them out!

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