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by - July 17, 2015

I got accepted into BzzAgent's Vidal Sassoon Campaign. If you haven't heard of BzzAgent, it's a website that offers various products to try out based on your survey results. If you're interested in joining BzzAgent, I'd really appreciate if you use my referral link here

The Vidal Sassoon Campaign allowed me to choose a permanent hair dye to try out and I decided on London Lilac - I've been wanting to colour my hair purple for a while. Keep reading to see the results! 
The hair dye kit was pretty standard - it came with a color creme, developer creme and conditioner. I followed the instructions and washed my hair after approximately 25 minutes. The washing took a lot longer than expected, the dye just kept bleeding! It didn't seem to fully wash out so I just dried my hair with a pink towel (so it wouldn't stain my white one) and continued with my day. The colour continued to lightly bleed for about 10 more washes, just something to note if you want to dye your hair this colour and your hair is going to be really wet.

My hair was dyed brown with orange-y bleached ends. I knew the colour wouldn't show up well close to the roots as per the colour guide on the box, but my main focus was on the bleached ends. Below are my before and after photos. 
The colour was beautiful - finally, the tips of my hair were purple! The top was a purple-black but the purple tinge has faded since. Although the name of the colour is London Lilac, it's far from being true to the name, but the colour guide on the box provided a close estimate. It's actually a pretty and deep violet that turns a bit pink/red/purple in yellow light which you sort of notice in the photos below. I tried to capture the colour of my hair as best as I can, but these photos don't do it justice.
Natural Lighting
Taken With Flash
I've received many compliments from friends and strangers about my hair. My friends have noticed though that my hair looks and feels healthy, compared to other coloured hair. I think it's partially because I don't often use hot tools with my hair - I don't even blow dry, and I use a leave in conditioner. With that said, my ends were still bleached and I was a bit worried that dyeing it would dry it out more, but thankfully it hasn't. 

Would I recommend Vidal Sassoon's London Lilac? Definitely, but only for hair lighter than a chestnut brown.

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