EVENT - Neostrata Secure Whitening Line

by - May 08, 2015

Back in March, I attended a NeoStrata press event thanks to Canadian Beauty Bloggers. Keep reading to learn more about their company and their new Secure Whitening Line launching this month.
Patricia Claire and Nick Dat Ngo presented for NeoStrata and they were a lovely comedic and passionate duo about their brand and their products. I love that NeoStrata wants it's consumers to be the best version of themselves and to feel that skincare is a choice, not a chore. I'm guilty for being one of those people that treat my daily skincare routine as a chore, but it really is a choice and we should do it for ourselves, at any age and any stage.

NeoStrata has products containing AHA, glycolic acid and is labeled cosmeseudical and doctor recommended. This is upheld through the Dermatology Review Panel, which reviews and verifies claims on skin care products. NeoStrata is one of the most personalized skin care brands and even has a mens line. NeoStrata is also embarking on the fashion world by partnering with Canadian activewear brand Lole and is taking part in the 2015 Lole White Tour across Canada.

Two biggest skin concerns are hyperpigmentation and acne, both of which NeoStrata aim to conquer this year two new lines releasing in May and September. Starting this month, NeoStrata is releasing their Secure Whitening Line, targeting 20+ year olds. This line creates an overall lightening and brightening effect, working on all modes and not just the surface area (aka skin bleaching) as well as all levels of colour. That's right, it's good for darker skins too.

The Secure White Family will contain a Brightening Cream, Brightening Serum, Anti Dark Circle Complex and a Spot Brightener. It guarantees results as fast as 2 weeks, with visibly reduced dark spots by up to 52% and brightens overall skin by up to 42%. How are they achieving these results with this line? They are bringing the latest, fastest-working, high-tech lightening ingredient from Asia: Genowhite. This line is suitable for sensitive skin as it's non-comedogenic, non-irritating and paraben-free, so don't worry ladies, they've got you covered.
The press kit included the Brightening Cream, Brightening Serum and Anti Dark Circle Complex. I really like that the Brightening Cream has SPF 30 since some moisturizers often forget about SPF, but as a moisturizer I'm not a big fan. I've tried both the Brightening Serum and Anti Dark Circle Complex and at first it sort of dried my skin when used in combination with the Brightening Cream. I switched moisturizers to my daily one and my skin didn't have a problem with that. I have noticed slight fading on light scars, but the darker ones haven't lightened by much. I would definitely recommend this line if you have light hyperpigmentation, but not for deep scars.

Have you tried anything from NeoStrata? How did you like it?

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