REVIEW - imPRESS Press-On Manicure

by - June 08, 2014

So about a month ago, I received the imPRESS VoxBox from Influenster to review. I received two sets of imPRESS press-on manicure nails by Broadway Nails but have only tried one set so far.
The imPRESS press-on manicure nails are supposed to last up to a week, have superior lasting shine, easy removal and eliminate drying time. I've always been skeptical of press on nails, or even glue on nails, because it takes some practice to master the application process and well, practice costs quite a bit in this case. The imPRESS press-on manicure nails cost around $10 at my local drugstores, which is not too far from competing DIY manicure sets.
The imPRESS press-on nails were easy to apply. Starting with care nails, use the alcohol wipe provided to clean the nails, remove the plastic tab covering the adhesive and press firmly onto your nail. Voila! That was it. Literally. I find these nails have the perfect length, so no plastic-y sounds when typing on the keyboard or phone, and they don't look too fake. My friends actually thought they were real until closer inspection. The nails are also soft enough to bend to your nail's shape when you press the nails on. I've had the nails on for roughly three days now and all is going well, not one nail has fallen off but they were starting to get annoying so I peeled them off. I believe they could last 7 days if you don't do too much with your hands.

However, I did have some issues with the nails. My first issue was the sizing. It took me longer to size my nails than to actually apply them. I wish they numbered the peel off tab so you could at least match the nails together. My second issue was with the tab at the top, where the cuticle is. There's a little square bit where I think they cut the nails off the tab and it is thicker than the nails, so there's a small space between your nail and the press on nails. This may seem like a small problem, but it certainly makes scratching my head difficult because my hairs keep getting caught in between. My last issue are the tips of the nails. They're thin and fragile, so they easily chip off or become disfigured. Also, if the press on nails are longer than your actual nails, you're going to have a fun time picking off the excess glue and whatever sticks to it.

Right after application: 

Third day after application:
Would I buy this product? Yes. Despite the difficulties I've had with these nails, I still prefer them to acrylic nails and glue on nails. Acrylic nails completely ruin my nails and take forever to grow out, not to mention how ugly it looks during the transition. And glue on nails are hard to apply, the glue hurts when it sticks to your skin and it tends to crack under the fake nails, so yeah, not happening. The imPRESS nails are quick, great and affordable solution if you need your nails done and don't have the time to, or if you're like me, want to avoid the above two.

*Disclaimer: Product was sent to me by Influenster on behalf of Broadway Nails to review

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