BEAUTY BOX - Lise Watier Topbox

by - November 04, 2012

After a disappointing October Topbox, I'm so glad that Topbox decided to give away Lise Watier Topboxes in Toronto. They gave these away a couple weeks ago but I didn't have a chance to get one. Thankfully, Topbox released an extra 100 boxes to 5 different Shoppers Drug Marts within the GTA this past Friday and I finally got one!

Here's what I got in the Lise Watier box :)
Plumpissimo Le Gloss (Nude)
Full Size: 6.2 ml ($21)
Sample: 1.5 ml ($5.08)
Hydrasmart 3D Hydration Cream
Full Size: 50 ml ($40)
Sample: 30 ml ($24)
Frisson Neiges Twist and Spray Set
Purse Spray with Refill
Full Size: 30 ml ($40), 50 ml ($59)
Sample: 40 ml total ($47.20)

Total Value: $76.28

I really love the perfume samples! They smell so nice and fruity, the packaging is genius (twist to open and spray) and it's a proper sample. Not like the vials we all know and hate. I'm kind of disappointed in the lip gloss though because when I opened it to take the picture, some bristles on the brush were sticking out as you can see. I probably won't use the hydration cream because I have combination skin but Christmas is coming and re-gifting is always a good way to save money! :P

I'm curious to know if Topbox sent these samples to other parts in Canada, let me know if you got one :).

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