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by - July 09, 2018

Winky Lux is a small and fairly new cosmetic company known for their cute (Kawaii) and unique packaging, sold predominately in the US market... UNTIL NOW! Winky Lux will be launching in Canada, selling exclusively at Murale and starting in August.
Winky Lux Flower & Glimmer Balm
With colour changing lip balms becoming more and more of a trend, Winky Lux has created their own line. Winky Lux's Flower Balm ($18) closely resembles the Kailijumei Flower Jelly Lipstick, with a small flower encased in a clear balm that changes to the pH levels of your skin to a pink suitable for your skin tone. The Glitter Balm ($18) seems to be the exact same as the Flower Balm, but instead of a flower to decorate the balm, it is infused with fine glitter to give that glimmer effect.
Winky Lux Flower & Glimmer Balm Swatch
Now, I've heard a lot of mixed reviews of colour changing balms, both in general and of Winky Lux's. But, it's important to note that these are in fact balms and not lipsticks - so the colour and pigmentation of the balm is sheer in nature but buildable to a certain point. For the swatches, I swiped each lipstick about 5 times and as you can see, the Flower Balm turned out to be a bit more red toned than the Glimmer Balm which is more pink toned. As for durability, again, these are balms so they do not last as long, but they do leave a slight tint remaining and they didn't leave my lips feeling dry or sticky when applied.

I'm quite impressed with Winky Lux's colour changing balms and think they are perfect for everyday use, especially if you prefer a balms over lipsticks, or a natural look.

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