FRAGRANCE - Clean Fresh Linens

by - July 20, 2018

Another Clean fragrance review, because I am absolutely in love with this brand! Not only do they have amazing and versatile scents, they are also cruelty-free and are formulated without a bunch of consumer conscious ingredients such as sulfates and parabens. This time, Fresh Linens ($95) is stealing the show, with notes of: Clean Sheet Accord, Rain Lily, and Skin Musk.
 Clean Fresh Linens
I initially didn't think I would like this scent because I'm not a fan of Demeter's Laundromat or BBW's Sheer Cotton, but I ended up really enjoying this scent. Like most Clean scents, it is light, fresh, and clean smelling with a hint of citrus, making it easy on the nose without being too aggressive. I also like that it's a neutral and natural scent, catering to various scent categories, making it a great transition scent for someone who is looking for something new.

This is probably so redundant in all my Clean fragrance reviews, but it's a great office and everyday scent. I have literally been rotating between this scent and the Skin scent since early June, even though my regular coconut based scents would be perfect this time of year, it doesn't match the office vibe as well as Fresh Linens does.

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