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by - April 12, 2018

I have been getting more into jewelry lately, specifically dainty timeless pieces. So when I saw an Instagram ad from Finley, I couldn't resist trying out some of their products. Finley is a new startup company focusing on value, quality, and sustainable jewelry pieces. At the time, Finley was offering a promotion: $40 for a ring, choker and set of earrings from its Essentials Collection in either silver or 14-karat gold vermeil. By doing this, Finley adopted a social media marketing approach, instead of investing in actual marketing.

I was pretty skeptical about ordering because it was a fairly new company with little information about the quality to go on, besides some photos from Instagram, especially since my skin is sensitive to certain metals. After a couple days of looking at my shopping cart, I just bit the bullet and decided to place an order for the trio in gold vermeil.
Finley Jewelry
Finley's pieces are dainty and timeless, just exactly what I was looking for. Both the choker and ring are beaded, while the earrings are bar studs. For reference on how dainty their jewelry is, the ring is about half the size of Pandora's Eternal Clouds ring. I'm no expert on quality, but I have been wearing the earrings non-stop for a month now without any issues - the hardware keeps the earrings in place and the metals used have not created a reaction with my skin. The ring and choker I haven't worn as much because the ring is thinner than I'm used to, while the choker is tighter than I'm used to as well. On occasion, I will wear all three pieces together though because they go so well as a set.
One downside to ordering is that shipping is an additional cost and the prices are in USD, even though they are based in Toronto. When placing my order, the website didn't specify the currency so it was a bit of a shock to me, and although I like the pieces, the price conversion definitely would have played a bigger deciding factor had I known beforehand. So all in all, I paid $66.82 USD which was about $90 CAD when converted. With this in mind, I'm not sure if I'd reorder considering the price range, but then again, a similar ring at Mejuri is $88, so I still got a pretty good deal!

What's your favourite store to buy jewelry? Mine has to be Pandora for the simple and affordable rings!

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