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by - February 05, 2016

Demeter is known for their large collection of scents, but what do you do when you can't just pick one? Thankfully, Demeter has a solution for us indecisive shoppers. Through the Canadian Beauty Bloggers network, Demeter graciously sent us their Foolproof Blending Duo ($35) and Foolproof Blending Trio ($45). 
Vanilla, Floral
I love the idea of these kits because you can mix scents to create your own custom scent, or wear the scents alone. These kits would create lovely gifts since it's sometimes difficult to buy one specific fragrance for someone, especially if you're not sure if they like certain scents. Demeter makes it a whole lot easier with scent categories to choose from. I opted for the Floral Duo Custom Fragrance Kit and the Vanilla Base Note Trio. Demeter also threw in a travel sized Laundromat.

It might seem difficult at first to mix the fragrances, unsure of what you're going to create and how it's going to turn out. I experimented by spraying varying amounts of each fragrance on myself throughout a week to find the scent that I liked the most.
 I absolutely love sweet scents, and the Vanilla Base Note Trio is definitely right up my alley. The Trio kit includes Gingerbread, Angel Food and Hawaiian Vanilla along with a couple test strips.
Angel Food
Hawaiian Vanilla
Favourite mix: 1:1:1 
The Floral Duo Custom Fragrance Kit contains Jasmine, Lavender and an empty bottle along with tools to create your custom scent.
Favourite mix: 2:1 Jasmine and Lavender

Surprisingly, I found the scents from both kits compliment each other quite well. I'm not a huge fan of Lavender, it's just a bit too herbal, while the smell of Jasmine has grown on me. On the other hand, sweet scents are sometimes, well, too sweet. With some experimenting, I have three additional favourite mixes:
1:1 Jasmine and Angel Food
1:! Jasmine and Hawaiian Vanilla
1:1 Lavender and Gingerbread

The best part about these kits is that there are a bunch of scent profiles to choose from - some are limited edition and new Signature Blending Trios are being released every two months!

What is your favourite base note scent? Mine is coconut!

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