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by - December 29, 2014

On December 12, Caryl Baker Visage in Yorkville had it's grand opening! Just in case you didn't know, Visage Yorkville specializes in facial services. Visage Yorkville invited all of their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram followers to the event. The event included refreshments of Pink sparkling wine, macarons, chocolates, pink roses and a free eyebrow waxing if you took a selfie at the mini runway set-up. Keep reading and find out how awesome Visage Yorkville is!
Lovely ladies working at Visage Yorkville
Kylab is the owner of this location and she was there to greet me and make me feel super special. Joshua, a manager at Visage, gave me a small tour and showed me the two private waxing rooms. My coat was taken, I was offered refreshments and took some pictures with Kylab. Although I was short on time, Kylab quickly waxed my eyebrows for me. What I love about Visage is the excellent service they provide. Before Kylab started waxing my eyebrows, she showed me where they should start, arch and end and where and how much she would be waxing. I don't get my eyebrows waxed, so it was great to know what was going to happen to my eyebrows. 
During our conversation, she mentioned that the health inspector was extremely impressed with the store, and showed me the organized and clean drawers where the supplies are kept. Every tool is sanitized and sticks and wax strips are disposed immediately after use. The wax used for facial waxing is actually facial wax and not body wax which some salons use to save on costs.

After the eyebrow waxing, Kylab proceeded to apply makeup to cover up the redness and told me which products she used (she used the BB cream and it was amazing!). Visage would never let their customers walk out with redness from waxing, something which my friend often complains about when getting a facial waxing, which sets them apart from many waxing salons. I mean, you're walking in Yorkville, that is probably the last thing you want on your face. 
I booked a full facial waxing for the following weekend and I'm so glad I did. The waxing was painless, it honestly just felt like someone was scratching my face. While waxing my lips, they applied a layer of vaseline so the wax wouldn't stick to the skin and in turn hurt less. For the facial waxing, Josh used an electric tool, which had a sound similar to an electrocution chair, but tested it on my hand first for comfort. I couldn't feel a thing, so he used the tool all over my face, explaining that it helped close open skin from the waxing. As always, the waxing was accompanied by a gorgeous makeover. I think the makeover is a great idea as it allows customers to try out their makeup products for free. I've had the BB cream and Mineral Matte Foundation applied and really like the formula, they both provided great coverage without feeling or looking cakey.
I'm definitely impressed with Caryl Baker Visage's services and would absolutely recommend them. It's in a great location too, right at Bay station, so it's super convenient to stop by and get a waxing, facial or shop for cosmetics.

If you've been to Visage, what is your favourite service/product?

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