BEAUTY BOX - October Topbox

by - October 19, 2012

This month's TopBox came with 4 products, Check it out below!

Aveda | Invanti Exfoliating Shampoo & Thickening Conditioner
Full size: 200 ml ($27)
Sample: 20 ml ($2.70)

MaskerAide | Hydrating Facial Sheet Masks (All Nighter)
Full size: $4.99 each
Sample:  FULL SIZE
 Stila | Eyeshadow Palette (in the garden)
Full size: $50 each
Sample: I'd say it's worth like $1
Stila | Prime Pot (Taffy)
Full size: 014 g ($26)
Sample: 0.07 g ($13)

 Total Topbox worth: $21.69

Honestly, I was very disappointed in this month's box. Both the Aveda shampoo and conditioner samples were way too small for me because I use a palm full of shampoo and conditioner each time I shower. The stila palette was a let down too, I could have gone to sephora for swatches. The mask is pretty cool but it's meant for puffiness from staying up too late which I don't get. The only thing I would use is the stila prime pot. *Sigh*, I hope next box is better :). 

 On a happier note, TopBox has emailed all it's subscribers within the GTA a coupon for free Lise Watier samples, which I'm excited to go get this weekend!

If you're interested in subscribing, click here, but be warned, the wait-list is quite a while.

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