REVIEW - Trend Trunk

by - October 11, 2012

In September, one of the beauty boxes (I believe it was GlossyBox) emailed all it's members a $5 coupon for Trend TrunkTrend Trunk is kind of like eBay but for Canadians only. You can sell new or used items of clothing and accessories. There is no charge to sell, but if you purchase something, the company charges a flat rate of $8 for shipping. So I decided to give it a try and I was NOT impressed whatsoever.

I purchased a chambray shirt for $10 plus $8 shipping for a total of $18. The transaction went through smoothly, but the shipping? Not so much.
As I was tracking my shipment, Canada Post stated that they couldn't find my address so the package was sent back to the seller. I contacted Trend Trunk's customer service in light of what I should do and they told me that the package was returned to the seller (no duh, I just emailed you) and for me to verify my address, which was correct. The only thing I changed was my 'name'. 
You see, on Trend Trunk, you don't have a separate user name from the one you put in your personal information. I don't exactly want all the sellers out there to know my full name so I used initials instead. Trend Trunk said that Canada Post might not have shipped it because the name didn't match the address. Ummmmm I highly doubt that since I get random mail all the time and my friends and family have shipped items to my house with no issues.
After about a week, Trend Trunk then tells me again that the item was returned to the seller (as if I didn't know already). Then they gave me two options: 
1) Get a $10 refund (without a shipping refund) and
2) Pay another $8 for shipping
EXCUSE ME? No, I don't think so. I already paid for my shipping and it's not my fault Canada Post couldn't find my address. I emailed them back saying that I would like to get my product without any extra payment or a full refund and I got denied since it was my fault that the name was incorrect. Needless to say, I called my credit card company and got issued a refund. I'm never using this site again and I can't even delete my Trend Trunk account (they don't currently give you that option).

Have you tried TrendTrunk? How was your experience?

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