MAKEUP - Essence Matt Matt Matt Lipsticks

by - July 07, 2017

As part of their Spring/Summer 2017 Collection, Essence launched a new line of Matt Matt Matt Lipstick. As you've probably guess by the name, it's a line of matte lipsticks and are available in 8 shades.
The below swatches are in order according to it's number (ie. 01 Natural Kiss, 08 It's a Statement).
These lipsticks are pretty pigmented and don't dry completely matte. The finish is more like a glossy matte, which I prefer because it doesn't make your lips look like a desert. Although these lipsticks claim to be long lasting, they definitely transfer easily and will most likely need touch ups throughout the day if you're going out and eating. The lipsticks do leave a light stain though in case you're not a fan of touch ups, but with a price of $4.49 each I'm not complaining

What's your favourite matte lip colour?
My favourite colour in the line has to be 02 Perfect Match - it's basically my MLBB shade.

*Products were sent for review

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