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by - April 21, 2016

It's been a couple months since NYX fully launched in Canada which means new products! I was especially excited to try the Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks and couldn't resist when they were on sale at Rexall for $6.99. With all 12 colours in stock and no testers, I ended up getting 9 of the colours hoping they would look exactly like the tube and they pretty much did. 
The 12 colours Liquid Suede comes in are:
Stone Fox - Grey Blue
Life's A Beach - Coral Pink
Cherry Skies - Wine Red
Soft Spoken - Mauve Nude
Sandstorm - True Nude
Teas & Cookies - Tea Rose
Amethyst - Vibrant Purple
Kitten Heel - Scarlet Red
Vintage - Deep Plum Brown
Sway - Lavender
Pink Lust - Hot Pink
Orange County - Bright Orange
These cream lipsticks apply like a dream - easy to apply, pigmented, not sticky and long lasting. They also have a matte-like finish, not a drying matte but a satiny matte, if you know what I mean. The cream lipsticks come with a paddle applicator which makes an easy application, but not a very precise one. I like to take a lip brush to go over the outer lines when I'm done applying the lipstick - but this is a personal preference and I'm not good with liquid lipsticks to begin with.
I decided to wear Amethyst, the bold purple, to one of the Fashion Art Toronto shows. I was really impressed by how long it lasted. I applied it around 3pm and it lasted until I got home, which was around 11pm. I did touch it up once after dinner, but that was all it needed. It does get a bit messy when eating because it transfers, so I found bits of purple on my fingers, pizza crust, straw and napkin. Even with the transferring, most of the colour was there when I touched it up.
I apologize for the horrible selfie, but this is exactly what it looked like when I got home!
For $10 (or less!) it's definitely worth a try if you're interested in liquid lipsticks.

How do you apply liquid lipsticks? With a brush or with the applicator?

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