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by - April 27, 2016

If you're anything like me, curling your hair using an actual curling iron can be a challenge. I've pretty much accustomed myself to curling my hair with a straightener or a curling wand, but have never mastered using a curling iron. Enter the Irresistible Me's Ruby Auto Rotating Curler ($119)!
I know what you're thinking - is it safe to use? The answer is HELL YEAH! I'm not going to lie, my one friend was freaking me out when he was listing all the things that could go wrong: You want a burning hot tool to rotate? Isn't that a safety hazard? Are you sure this is safe? What if it pulls out your hair? 
Pfft, proved him wrong!
The Ruby Auto Rotating Curler has a 1 inch barrel and is really easy to use.
When plugged in, a blue light will blink between the 5 different heat settings: 260, 300, 340, 380 and 420 degrees Fahrenheit. To turn on the curler, press and hold the bottom power button until the blue light stops blinking, then use the + and - signs to go to your preferred heat setting. To turn off the curler, press and hold the power button until the blue light starts blinking between the heat settings again.
At the clip of the rod, the curler has 3 buttons: Left, Right and a center red button. The L and R buttons are what you press in order to rotate the curler - simply clip your hair and press the button until you are satisfied. The center red button will reposition the wand to it's default position, as shown above. At first I thought the red button was kind of useless, but after using it a couple times I understand why it's there - it allows you to place down the wand down on it's little stand and it's helpful when you're at an awkward angle and can't reach the L/R buttons.
Don't worry about rotating too far and pulling your hair out - the clamp is just secure enough to grip the hair but with a small tug the hair will be released. No bald spots here!
It's something trivial, but I love that this curling wand comes with a cord wrapper - so many of my hair tools are forever tangled because the cords are like 10 feet long.
I love this curling wand because it creates both loose and tight curls, depending on how tight you rotate the wand and how long you hold the curl. I usually count to 10 when curling my hair but if it's just a touch up or more of a messy look, I hold it for 7 seconds. I found that my curls turned out smoother than normal because of the rotating wand - I didn't have to worry about stray hairs jumping in and ending up with frizzy and messy curls.
Here are my before and after results:
I am really impressed with the Ruby Auto Rotating Curler and would definitely recommend checking it out if you're looking for a new curling iron. 
Bonus: it can also be used as a curling wand since the clip only goes halfway up the rod, leaving room for wrap around curls. 

Which do you prefer: curling wands or curling irons?

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