SKINCARE - LUSH Cranberry Festive Face Mask

by - January 22, 2016

LUSH’s Cranberry Festive Face Mask ($8.95) is a limited edition mask for the holidays that is made fresh in store. This mask’s primary use is to deep clean, soften and nourish skin.
LUSH Cranberry Festive Face Mask
Ingredients include cranberries, tofu, fennel seed, fresh fennel, argan oil and rose clay just to name some. During the LUSH event, there was a mask station where the ingredients were blended before our eyes, resulting in a creamy yet chunky consistency. The rose clay gives the mask it’s colour while the tofu gives the mask it’s texture. Other ingredients are combined to provide moisture and to detox the skin. Since the ingredients are so fresh, this mask is to be refrigerated when not in use.
LUSH Cranberry Festive Face Mask
Being a pink nude, this mask looks terrifying on. Both my mother and boyfriend thought I was molting and I had to quickly explain that it was just a mask. The mask itself is easy to apply and although it’s quite thick, it was easy to spread onto the skin. One thing I didn’t like was that something in the mask was always falling off my face (I believe it was the cranberry skins) so I tried my hardest to not move my face while I was waiting for it to work its magic. Although it was chunky, it does not provide any exfoliating properties (not that it claim to, but I thought maybe It would). I usually leave it on for 10 minutes before rinsing it off with it still wet on my skin. The tendency to flake made it a pre-shower mask for me.

Would I consider it deep cleansing? Probably not, but it was very moisturizing and it felt like heaven when the cold tofu touched my skin. It’s definitely a great mask for days when you need to rehydrate your skin, especially with the cold and dry winter weather.

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