SKINCARE - First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream, Face Cleanser, and Facial Radiance Pads

by - January 27, 2016

First Aid Beauty has entered the Canadian market and is hoping to provide simple skincare at an affordable cost. At a recent event at Sephora, I was able to meet Lily Gordon, FAB's founder, and received a couple products to try.
At first, I was in love with the FAB Ultra Repair Cream. My skin, particularly my chin, has been very annoying – with this crazy winter, it can’t decide whether it’s oily or dry. I’ll have good skin days, but then I’ll wake up with extremely dry and sensitive skin patches. During the dry times, sometimes applying moisturizer will hurt and sting. The first couple times I had dry patches, I applied the Ultra Repair Cream, and my skin seemed less dry and flakey. I was just happy that it didn’t hurt, but after a couple uses, it started to sting so I stopped using it on the dry patches. The cream itself is really thick and will take a while for the skin to absorb. I only use this at night because it’s too thick for daytime use with my combination skin. I probably won’t buy this when I run out, but I do recommend it if you have dry but not sensitive skin.

The FAB Face Cleanser feels really nice – like really, really nice. It’s a scentless, gentle and light cleanser that works quite well when used with a Clairsonic. It’s not the best with removing eye makeup so I do that prior to cleansing my face, but it’s great for everyday use.

I was most excited to try FAB’s Facial Radiance Pads. It was my first time trying a pre-soaked facial pads and I was quite confused with how 60 pads could fit in this container – they’re really thin! I’m used to wiping down my face with a thick cotton pad, so this was a bit weird for me – I know, it’s just a cotton pad but trust me, you notice the difference. I have yet to notice any exfoliating or brightening action that the pads claim, but I do enjoy using these when I’m in a rush in the morning or when I’m feeling lazy at night and want to quickly tone my skin. The formula itself worked well with my skin – there wasn’t any stinging sensation that toners sometimes have. I think this would be best used on trips so you can skip that possibly leaking toner bottle.

Do you get crazy winter skin? How do you deal with it?

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