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by - December 20, 2015

LUSH has a huge selection of cosmetics, making it the perfect place to shop for gifts - especially last minute ones. For Christmas, LUSH has quite a bit of limited edition products starting from $4.95 and pre-wrapped gifts from $14.95 to $329.95! Among the many festive products, here are the ones that really caught my eye.

Joy To The World Wrapped Gift - $19.95
Joy To The World contains a tub of Love and Light Hand Cream (45g), which has a light orange scent and a chunk of Snowcake Soap (100g), which smells exactly like almond nougat.

Salt and Peppermint Bark Body Scrub- $9.95
With a light white chocolate peppermint scent, this bar works wonders as it scrubs away dry and rough body parts.

Yog Nog Soap - $6.95

This soap smells like a delicious eggnog with a strong vanilla base that'll leave you skin feeling milky soft after use. 

Peeping Santa Bubble Bar - $6.95
This bubble bar looks so adorable and festive but is slightly deceiving. Usually holiday scents don't consist of strawberry, but this one does, so it's perfect for strawberry scent lovers!

Snowman Fun - $6.95
Fun is a multipurpose Play-Doh-like soap that would be a great bath activities for kids. I prefer the Snowman one because it has fruity based scents whereas the Santa Fun has floral based scents. 

Santa Baby Lip Tint - $8.95
A beautiful red lip tint that not only adds a pop of colour but moisturizes your lips as well. Use with a lip scrub to get the best results. Christmas Kisses is a pre-wrapped gift for $19.95 that contains Santa Baby as well as Santa's Lip Scrub which is a cola flavoured scrub. There's also the Mint Juleps lip scrub if you want to stick to a minty theme.

Those are my LUSH picks this Christmas. What's yours?

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