NOTD - Broken Glass Mani

by - December 28, 2015

I saw this Broken Glass Manicure tutorial by CutePolish on Youtube and decided to try it myself.
I think these would be the perfect nails to ring in the New Year and they just look so cool!
To achieve this look, you'll need:
Clear Polish
Pieces of cut up translucent/opal cellophane
Thin stick - I used a small dotting tool

I used black and white nail polish as the base for this look. 
Once the polish has dried, apply a generous coat of clear polish and stick the pieces of translucent/opal cellophane onto your nails with the stick. It helps to have a damp towel with you to help pick up the cellophane pieces. You want to make sure that the corners of the cellophane pieces are adhered to the nail or else they will peel off quite easily.
When you are finished with your mani, ideally you should finish this off with a gel top coat, but a clear polish will work as well.

I really love the look of this polish and have had many compliments. The only downfall is the cellophane pieces fall off so easily, hence why the gel top coat is ideal. I work in retail and have to do a lot with my nails at work so after a 7 hour shift, about a quarter of the cellophane pieces had fallen off. 

What design did you do for your nails this holiday season?

Let's be friends!

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