NOTD - Chevron Nails

by - March 22, 2013

I've decided to try and attempt chevron nails without using tape because it can be hard cutting tape without it sticking together. I looked around my room and found those hole punch stickers which I never ever use. Turns out that they're really good because you can use the edges as a guide to cut the corners and will almost always end up with the perfect V. I finally remembered to take pictures along the way to share how I did it. So here are my results and picture tutorial :).
Nicole OPI - Kim Konfidential (Kim Kardishian)
Julep - Niecy

How to cut the stickers:
The base should be completely dry before you put the stickers on. If the stickers don't fully reach to the side of your nail, stretch the sticker so that the V is wide. Then put a thin layer on top of the stickers because a thick layer will take very long to dry, and it must be COMPLETELY dry when you take off the stickers or else the colour contorts.
 It might look choppy at first but a layer of clear polish will smooth it out :)

Hope this picture tutorial worked for you :)

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