BEAUTY BOX - April Glymm Box

Monday, April 16, 2012

Here's what I got in this months Glymm Box :). If you haven't subscribed and would like to, check it out here!

  Lucia | Soap no. 6 Wild Ginger & Fresh Fig Soap
Full size: 8 soaps ($17.50)
Sample size: 1 bar of soap ($2.25)
 Atelier Cologne |Orange Sanguing Fragrance & Postcard
Full size: 30ml ($60.00)
200ml ($165.00)
Sample: 1.2ml ($1.00)
 Free Your Mane | Sulphate Free Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner
Full size: 300ml ($16.00)
Sample: 7.4ml each ($0.79)
 Mai Couture | Social Gloss in FRENCH 125
Full size: 5ml ($28.00)
 Sample: FULL SIZE 

NuMe |$100 Gift Card

Total Glymm Box worth (without gift card): $32.04 

Honestly, I’m kind of disappointed in this month’s Glymm Box. I’m not a fan of lip gloss, lip balm and lipstick is so much better in my opinion. The only thing I liked from this box was the bar of soap which smells really nice, kind of like every other soap bar you find in hotel bathrooms, but definitely isn’t worth buying full price. I’ve never been a fan of sulphate free shampoos either because they don’t lather and get sudsy, which I think is funnest part in the shower J. However, I got SUPER excited when I saw the NuMe gift card… Until I actually looked on the NuMe website. I was hoping to get some real human hair extensions but they cost $180 when I can get them at a nearby hair supply store for around $50. Almost nothing is under $100, only hair treatments such as shampoo & conditioner, hair masks etc. I looked at the Argan Oil and was shocked to see that they are selling it for $60! Definitely wouldn’t purchase from them if it wasn’t for this gift card. Hopefully next months box will be a little more useful to me.

*Update* The NuMe gift certificate ONLY applies to Hair extensions (not feathered) and heated styling tools. I probably won't be buying anything if that's the case since I already have hair extensions, a straightener and a curling wand.
Tell what you though about the April Glymm Box? What are you going to buy form NuMe? :)

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  1. Yay I'm your first follower :) I just started my blog recently too so you can follow my posts if you'd like (

    I found your blog because I'm terrible at waiting for surprises and wanted to see what was coming in my glymmbox! I'll definitely post when I get mine/see if mine's different.

    Were you able to use the gift card for the Argan oil?? I watched a video (severe inability to wait for surprises...) that made it seem like it was only good for the hairdryers/straighteners/extensions... :/

  2. Yay! Thanks for following me! :)I'm following yours now too!

    Haha I'm so impatient too! I think you'll get the same items but maybe a different coloured lip gloss :).

    I haven't tried ordering yet. I'm still deciding in whether or not I should get a wet/dry straightener, argan oil or feathered hair extensions. The argan oil is so expensive though! Have you thought of what to buy with the gift card?

    1. If the discount can be used for the Argain Oil I will definitely use it for that! Otherwise I probably won't end up using the gift card because all the straighteners are over 100$ and I don't want to spend extra money on a straightener when I already have one :/ I'll keep you posted :)

  3. My Glymmbox just came TODAY - so much later than yours! You were right, I got everything you got but a different coloured gloss! I'll make sure to do a post on it tomorrow some time. Have you used your Nu Me card for anything yet/ decided what to get?

    1. Wow that IS a long time! Excited to see your post!

      No I haven't purchased anything, you were right about it only applying to the hot styling tools / hair extensions. I went to Winners yesterday and saw the NuMe tools on sale for $35-40, so it's not really worth it with shipping and handling charges :(. How about you?

    2. I haven't used mine yet either, but it's good for a few months, so I might wait and see if anything drops down in price/goes on sale!