BEAUTY BOX - Memebox Scentbox #6 Sweet Shop

by - September 09, 2014

Memebox is the #1 Korean store and it specializes in beauty boxes. It's not a monthly subscription, so you can pick and choose your boxes. There are many types of boxes to choose from according to themes. The boxes start at $15 and run out super quickly so it's best to snag one as soon as it catches your eye.

Here is the unboxing of Memebox's Scentbox #6 Sweet Shop.
Pure Smile | Jewelry Scrub Glitter Sugar Scrub in Sapphire ($8)
Pure Smile's sweetly scented body scrub is made from black sugar, shea butter, jojoba seed oil, glycerin, and also diamond powder extracts for clearing you skin of any impurities and maintaining it silky smooth and healthy!

This scrub smells like a sweet perfume. I like the scrub because it isn't a harsh sugar scrub, but a wash with sugar granules.
Hello Everybody | Vita Berry Shampoo ($23)
This Spa Vita Berry Shampoo is supercharged with 10 berry complexes that gently cleanse and repair damage without stripping color, wilting perms, or drying out hair. It deeply penetrates into each lock of hair to reconstruct and resurface hair, leaving strands strong, healthy, smooth, shiny and fully restored.

This shampoo smells fantastic. It smells like strawberry and it lathers very well. I like that it's a squeeze tube, which I wish all shampoos were packaged in. Too bad they didn't include the matching conditioner.
Hope Girl | Tinted Lip Balm in Strawberry ($12)
Scented with a delicate strawberry, peach, or cherry fragrance, Hope Girl's Tinted Lip Balm is both a lip tint and a lip balm. While the co-enzyme Q-10 and shea butter formula deeply nourishes you chapped lips, the lovely pink tint will stain you lips with a long-lasting, colorful radiance!

This lip balm is nice and not heavily pigmented. It smells like a strawberry lollipop and gives more of a gloss than a tinted effect.
Pure Smile | Choosy Lip Pack Shining in White Pearl and Pink Pearl ($5)
Enriched with collagen, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, and honey, the Choosy Lip Pack Shining editions deliver abundant moisture and nutrition to your lip easily and quickly. The hydrogel adheres tightly onto the lips and offers a cooling and soothing effects to chapped, stressed-out skin as well.

I have not tried these out yet, but I'm definitely curious to see how this product performs. I've never seen a lip mask before and might just save these for the harsh, dry winter months.

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