BEAUTY BOX - January Canadian Glossy Box

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Although this may seem like a late post, it really isn't. I'm quite upset with Glossybox at the moment because I placed an order using my Glossydots on January 30th, after the January boxes had already shipped. I thought it was peculiar that Glossy shipped the February boxes so early, so I was excited to open mine to find that it is a January box. I really shouldn't be getting a January box in the middle of February. I emailed customer service and they said I can't get a refund because I already opened the box and that the February box is now available to order *insert eye roll*. Anyways, here's what I got in my box:

 Befine | Skin Care Packettes
Sample: 5 packettes ($2 each)

 Burt's Bees | Naturally Nourishing Milk & Honey Body Lotion
 Full size: 170 g ($12.99)
Sample: 25 g ($1.91)

Wella Professionals | Brilliance Leave-In Mousse
Full size: 190 g ($17.99)
Sample: FULL SIZE 

 BeautySoClean | Cosmetic Sanitizing Wipes
Full size: 48 pack ($12.50)
Sample size: 12 pack ($3.13)

Nivea | Essential Lip Care
Full size: 4.8 g ($2.00)
Sample: FULL SIZE 

Too Faced | Lip Injection Extreme
Full size: 0.2 oz ($28.00)
Sample: approx 0.03 oz ($4.20)

Total value: $39.23

I'm not impressed with this box at all. The BeautySoClean and BeFine products are repeats, so I'm assuming that they were trying to clear the 2012 inventory before anything expired (like the Avon products from the December box). Also, I didn't like that we got a Nivea lip balm. Nothing against Nivea but EOS or Babylips would have been better, as I've seen Nivea at Dollarstores when Glossy is supposed to give us higher end products, but that's just my own opinion. 

What was your worst or best experience with a beauty box?

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  1. Glossybox Canada seems so horrible :( Why do other countries get such nice products and we get drugstore stuff or expired products? And of course you opened the box, how else would you discover it's a January one? That's such horrible customer service.

  2. ahh sigh.. thinking about Canadian Glossyboxes just makes me frown. :(

  3. I agree :( I wish we could get Glossy boxes from other countries