DIY - Beachy Sea Salt Spray

by - August 14, 2014

Although I can't swim, I adore the classic, fresh out of the water, tousled and messy beach hair. This look is perfect for those lazy hot summer days, and for me it's a quick fix for greasy second day hair. I've tried store bought salt hair sprays before, but it often leaves my hair too sticky for my liking, so I've made my own. here is how I make my own beachy sea salt spray :).

What you need:
Spray bottle
1 cup warm water
2 tsp of epsom salts
1/2 tsp water based gel
1/2 tsp leave in conditioner (I'm using the Nu-Me finishing serum)
1 tbsp argan oil
Mix all the ingredients until dissolved, pour into a spray bottle and you're done! Spray generously, scrunch and go. Remember to shake well before each use.
Any type of leave in conditioner or conditioner-like hair product can be used.

Argan oil can be substituted with room temperature coconut oil.

You can always add more or less salt. Thinner hair generally needs less salt compared to thicker hair.

You can always add a couple drops of essential oils to give the spray a nice fragrance.

If there are lumps floating in your spray, don't worry. Just scoop them out before you pour it into the bottle.

I really love this spray and it lasts me a couple months. I don't use it everyday because salt can be really drying for hair, so if you do plan on using it everyday, don't forget to deep condition your hair to keep it healthy. 

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