REVIEW - Clean Your Brushes with BeautySoClean

Monday, February 11, 2013

I've always wanted to try brush cleaning sprays, but never remembered to purchase any when I went to Sephora. I always get so distracted with other products there. Luckily at the Glossy Party, I received BeautySoClean Condition Brush Cleansers in my swag bag. I got Candy Cane and Gingerbread scented sprays and they smell really good! They have seasonal scents, but don't worry if you don't like scented products because they have a year round unscented spray :).

I used to just lightly shampoo my brushes when cleaning them but find these sprays so much easier! I used to clean my brushes once a month or so with the shampoo method because I wouldn't want to wait a day for the brushes to dry, and I learned that letting brushes dry standing up isn't good because the water drips down to the base and can ruin the glue holding the bristles together. With these sprays, I can clean my brush right after I use them to prevent buildup of bacteria, especially with my oily skin.

To clean your brushes, you have two options. One is to spray a paper towel and brush your brush in circular motions until your brush is clean (repeat if needed) The second method is to spray the brush directly and brush onto a paper towel. I prefer sparing the paper towel instead of the brush and find that more product comes off that way.

Before and After. Notice how white my brushes look after (and no it's not the flash, I swear!)

Gahh. Look at all the makeup from my brushes!

How do you clean your brushes?

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  1. I currently have a brush cleanser spray from ELF that works pretty well but I'm not crazy about the smell. I usually wash my brushes once a week using antibacterial dish soap (to ensure all the bacteria is killed off and the oil comes off too - this works particularly well with my foundation brush).

  2. I wanted to get the ELF spray before but it's so hard to find in Canada! How long does it take for your brushes to dry with the dish soap method?

  3. I found the ELF spray at Style Sense in Mississauga when it was still open. Now I'm not too sure where to get it. I randomly see ELF products at the Dollar store though.

    The dish soap method usually takes me anywhere from 6-8 hours depending on how dense the brush is. I also use the Sigma Dry'N Shape to help cut down on time. They say your brushes will be dry in 4-6 hours but for the thicker, denser brushes, I like to give it more time.