by - December 13, 2012

With the holidays coming up and presents being thrown around, there'sl always be that one gift card you know you'll never use, so what can you do with it? SWAP IT!
Recently, I have been saving for a laptop and had a $226 gift card to Best Buy but the laptop I wanted was from Costco. Luckily I found where you can sell gift cards for up the 92% of the value, depending on the demand for that card. I was able to swap my cards for $200 to Costco. Each card you sell has to have at least $25 dollars and shouldn't have an expiration date or decrease in any way over time (such as Visa/Mastercard gift cards). You can also combine a bunch of gift cards in one transaction. To check out, you have the option of receiving cash or swap points but the cash option gives you less than the swap points. Swap points can then be used to redeem other gift cards from the large selection offered on the site. You can also purchase gift cards and get swap points from each purchase, which is a great way to earn some bonus gift cards if you're buying a bunch for Christmas!

What do you think of this site and would you use it?

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