DIY - Dip Dyed Hair!

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Starting off a new blog with a new hairstyle!

For a long time now, I've been trying to grow out my hair. That means no curling, straightening or hair products (except leave in conditioner). Instead, I've been blow drying my hair straight on low so it doesn't look like I have a forest on my head.
L'oreal's Touch-On Highlights in Creamy Caramel
Recently, I've gotten tired of the same boring hair, so I thought of dyeing my hair tips. I mean, if it went awry, then I could always cut off the tips, plus they're full of split ends anyways. Originally, I was planning to just dye the tips red, but thanks to Zoella's and Amy's posts on DIY ombre hair, I decided to bleach the tips of my hair instead with highlighting hair dye.
Because my natural hair colour is a black/dark brown, I didn't want to risk using blonde highlight hair dye. Thank you L'oreal for creating different highlighting shades! I used half a box of L'oreal's Touch-On Highlights in Creamy Caramel. First, I parted my hair down the middle, creating two sections and I tied them off to make two pigtails. Wrapping a towel around my shoulders, I applied the highlighting dye on my hair tips as per instructions on the box and washed my hair after 13 minutes (the box says 15 minutes but I got impatient). Voila! My hair tips were dyed. I was very happy with the outcome because it's a very pretty golden brown colour that isn't too blonde.

However, I still wanted to dye my tips red so I went out a bought a jar of
Manic Panic in Red Passion. For those of you who don't know what Manic Panic is, it's a semi-permanent hair dye that will not ruin your hair like permanent hair dyes because it is a vegetable dye. Basically more of a hair stain than an actual dye that usually lasts 2 weeks.
Manic Panic - Red Passion
First, I parted my hair into two sections and tied each side into pigtails. Then I used an alligator clip to attach a piece of tin foil behind each pony tail. I applied the red hair dye to the tips of my hair using a brush (like a large painting brush) and combed it through the tips until it is a foamy light pink colour. I wrapped up my red rips in the foil and clipped it shut with the same alligator clips. 30 minutes later, I had red tips!
Red tips (Looks brighter in person)
Yay or nay? Let me know what you think and what hairstyle you've been dying to try!

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